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Molybdenum (“moly”) is a metallic element used primarily as an alloy agent in steel manufacturing.  When added to steel, moly enhances steel strength, resistance to corrosion, and extreme temperature performance.  Within the chemical industry, moly has an important role in the petroleum refining process, acting as a cracking agent to remove sulfur from liquid fuels.

First Use of Molybdenum

First Use of Molybdenum

End Use of Molybdenum

End Use of Molybdenum
Source: SMR Research

Industrial Applications for Molybdenum

Category Applications
Full Alloy Construction & Automotive industries, shipbuilding, heavy machinery, offshore pipelines
Stainless Fuel tanks, chemical and petroleum refineries, desalination plants
Carbon Construction equipment and buildings, and transportation
Tool Steels that cut other steels, extremely hard pieces of metal
HSLA High Strength, Low Alloy, Oil and Gas pipelines, construction and automotive industries, bridges
Other Metallurgical  
Superalloys Supercharges, aircraft engines, gas turbines, chemical and petroleum plants
Cast Iron Diesel engine motor blocks and cylinder heads, mining milling and crushing equipment
Mo Metals & Alloys Auto parts, light bulb filaments, glass manufacturing, head shields
Catalysts Petroleum hydro-processing and desulfurization
Lubricants High performance base oils, greases, synthetic fluids, bonds coating, friction products
Pigments Paints, inks, plastic and rubber products, ceramics
Other Chemical Smoke suppressants, PVC cabling, metal-based smoke suppresants

Source: CPM Group